Land Administration

Established in 2014 E.C., the Department of Land Administration and Surveying primarily focuses on learning and teaching, research, and community service. Mr. Tadesse Melkam had been the head of the department for the last two consecutive years, and currently, Mr. Nigatu Amsalu Workineh is the head of the department. Currently, regarding the staff profile, the department has 8 instructors and 1 chief technical assistant. The GIS and Remote Sensing lab and the land administration and surveying lab are organized into a total of two labs. Besides, two studies, namely the establishment of an institute and the need assessment of the real property valuation department, have been studied and submitted to the university for a decision. The department also showed a noticeable project, and the project (vertical farming) is being done on the university campus. Training has been given to experts from all districts in cooperation with the Awi Zone Land Department. Although it has been a short time since the beginning of the department, the instructors of the department have been able to publish 3 research articles in international journals. The strengths shown in the performance are organizing labs, providing community service, and publishing research in international journals. However, failure to purchase the surveying instruments, such as the total station and deferential GPS, results in performance deficiencies, but the actual performance of the department is in good condition.

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Nigatu Amsal


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