Established in 2022, the School of Medicine at Injibara University has quickly become a cornerstone of medical education and healthcare excellence in the region. The school began its journey with a small but determined team, consisting of one specialist and ten general practitioners. Despite being in its early stages, the School of Medicine proudly welcomed its inaugural class of 40 passionate medical students, laying the groundwork for a future where education, clinical practice, and community service seamlessly integrate.

The establishment of the first medical school in Ethiopia dates back to 1953, driven by the urgent need to address the shortage of trained medical professionals in the country. The curriculum at Injibara University’s School of Medicine is designed to provide comprehensive theoretical instruction alongside a robust foundation in clinical skills and applied medical sciences. By incorporating advanced medical techniques and technologies, the program aims to produce graduates who are well-prepared to tackle modern healthcare challenges.

Operating under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Injibara General Hospital, the School of Medicine emphasizes a shared commitment to clinical service and the holistic education of medical students. This partnership ensures that students receive a balanced education, combining rigorous academic training with practical clinical experience. The MoU fosters a collaborative environment between the university and the hospital, promoting the development of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals ready to serve their communities effectively.

Today, the School of Medicine has experienced significant growth. It now includes a diverse team of eight specialists in various fields, seven residents, and ten general practitioners. This expansion reflects the school’s dedication to enhancing its educational programs, broadening its clinical services, and contributing to the overall improvement of healthcare in the community. The increased number of faculty and staff allows for a more comprehensive curriculum and a wider range of clinical training opportunities, ensuring that students receive top-tier education and preparation for their medical careers.

The School of Medicine at Injibara University remains committed to its vision of excellence, striving to produce highly skilled medical professionals equipped to meet the evolving healthcare needs of society. With a solid foundation, an expanding faculty, and a dedication to innovation and community service, the School of Medicine is poised to make a lasting impact on Ethiopia’s healthcare landscape and beyond.

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