The midwifery department is one of the new departments opened by the College of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2014 E.C. The midwifery department has been accepting students and teaching them in various programs since its inception. Organizing the classroom with office and furniture; by doing skill labs for teaching and doing research on teaching and learning and problem solving; it provides valuable community services and quality education.

The department is currently teaching a total of 111 students (6 in second degrees, 105 in first degree (83 regular and 22 private regular). The department currently has 17 staffs. (5 assistant professors, 8 lecturers, 1 graduate assistant, 3 technical assistants (2 senior technical assistants, 1 technical assistant). The department also has one post graduate program in Midwifery (MSc in Clinical Midwifery).

ተልዕኮ (Mission)

To produce midwifery professionals who are qualified in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and ethics, and who contribute to the enhancement of citizens’ health and the maintenance of community health through quality education and training.

ርዕይ (Vision)

To become Ethiopia’s most prestigious midwifery school in 2030, through excellent education, problem-solving research, and community service.

ዕሴቶች (Values)

  • Integrity
  • Selfless Service
  • Credibility
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Loyalty
  • Nobility
  • Efficiency

መሪ ቃል (Motto)

Excellence in Midwifery Education.

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Getachew Amare