Natural Resources Management

The program facilitates the sustainable use of natural resources while taking the lead in scientifically guarding against their current decline as a result of inappropriate usage and management. There are three MSc programs and one BSc program offered by the department. Since the start of the programs, 128 undergraduate and 10 graduate students have graduated. There are now 41 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate students enrolled in the department. Since the university’s founding, the department has focused on teaching, offering short- and long-term staff trainings, and conducting twelve research projects, sixteen community services and twelve research projects. Furthermore, in collaboration with other departments, over 1,300,000 seedlings have been planted. With 20 employees (2 PhD holders, 4 PhD candidates, 11 MSc holders, 3 technical assistances), the department offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in education. In addition to training, it offers need-based community services and research that is task-oriented and problem-solving.

Further, by expanding and strengthening programs and maintaining the quality of education, and by strengthening action-oriented and problem-solving researches, mainly focusing on the selected center of excellences namely soil acidity reclamation, wetland reclamation, community based watershed development and greenery and strives to be a model for the college.

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Assaye Mehari Kidanemariam


Tel: +251922610015