Nibret Shitu

Full Name Nibret Shitu Mekonnen
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  • BSc in Horticulture from Mekelle University (Oct, 2013- June, 2015 )
  • MSc. in Horticulture from Bahir Dar University (Oct, 2019- Aug, 2020)
Working Experience
  • Lecturer of Horticulture at Injibara University (  Jan,2021-till now)
  • Extension Promoter at ORDA(Organization For Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara)  (Feb,2019-Sept,2020)
  • Instructor and Shop Assistant at Bahirdar Poly Technique College (Dec,2019-Feb,2019)
  • Out Grower Agronomist at Koga veg P.L.C. (Feb,2018- July,2018)
  • Ethiopian Population Census Cartographer  at CSA in Bahir Dar (Ap,2016-Aug,2018)
  • Agriculture Sample Survey & Socio economy  Data Collector at CSA, Bahir Dar (Aug,2015-Mar,2016)
Research Interest
  • Root And Tuber crops Breeding and improvement
  • Fruit crops breeding and improvement
  • Scale up of medicinal plants production and productivity
  • Horticultural crop pest protection
  • Soil fertility for Horticultural crops production
Certification and awards
  • Higher education diploma (HDP); Injibara University (Ethiopia), 2022.
  • Manuscript preparation and publishing in reputable journals; Injibara university, 2022
  • Demonstration of recommended water melon(Citrullus lanatus) variety to low land areas of Awi zone, Amhara Ethiopia; Injibara university, 2023 
  • Demonstration of yam (dioscorea spp) production technology to Low land and Mid land areas of Awi Zone. Amhara Ethiopia ; Injibara university,2023
  •   Reviewer certification on Apple orchard establishment at Injibara university ;Injibara university, 2024  
  • Establishment and Promotion of Vegetable Gardening and Consumption for Injibara University and the surrounding communities ; Injibara university, 2023  

College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science, Injibara University, Ethiopia
Office: ICT Building, Room 402
Tel: +251 928438911