Plant Sciences

The department of plant science established in September,2010 e.c. with the objective of having a program seeks to produce competent professionals who are equipped with both academic and practical knowledge, skills, and attitudes in managing all phases of the crop production and management; and conducting various research and extension activities which can contribute to the development of the country and ensuring food security and self-sufficiency The program facilitates securing the food production by increasing the food production mechanisms, by taking the lead in scientifically guarding against their current increase in food demand as a result of population growth and poor crop production trends in the country.

There is one MSc program and one BSc program offered by the department. Since the start of the programs, 131 undergraduate students have graduated. There are now 26 undergraduate and 12 postgraduate students enrolled in the department. Since the university’s founding, the department has focused on teaching, offering short- and long-term staff trainings, and conducting eight research projects, ten community services projects. Furthermore, to introduce different technologies the department of plant science done income  generation more than one million birr since established, With 20 employees (2 PhD holders, 3 PhD candidates, 11 MSc holders, 2 technical assistances,2 graduate assistance), the department offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in education. In addition to training, it offers need-based community services and research that is task-oriented and problem solving.

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Zelalem Kassa Siyum


Phone: +251914603715