Department of Psychology was launched in 2018 as an independent field of study in Injibara University, which helps to address the growing need for skilled and competent professionals in this area.


  • To produce knowledgeable and skilled personnel who can effectively provide professional assistance as well as consultation for external stakeholders and interested organizations.


  • Being a prominent department in Injibara University in 2026 by realizing and achieving its mission.

 Rationale of the program

 Our assessment data to launch the program showed that there are practical counselling skills gap among the existing counsellors to provide counselling in schools, corrections centres and in child and women affairs as well as for individuals with special needs.

Besides, the current globalization and urbanization trends in Ethiopia highlights the need for highly trained mental health professionals to address mental health problems, social and emotional problems, academic and career concerns in clinics, hospitals, schools, and universities.

Academic Programs

Department of psychology provides training for under graduate as well as  post graduate students in both regular and extension programs.

Research and community service thematic areas

Teachers in department of psychology conduct research and community service in the areas of psychosocial support, guidance and counseling and social issues and human behavior.

Teachers’ profile (Staff profiles)

 Department of psychology has 14 teachers with different educational qualification. Among these, two teachers have associate professor, two have assistance professor six teachers have MA in different specialization in psychology department and the remaining four are study leave. 

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Mulat Aragaw Alemu