Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

The Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension (RDAE) was launched as a program in 2021 under the then department of Agricultural Economics. In August 2021 the department of RDAE became independent department. The Department of RDAE has now one BSc programs, namely: 1. Rural Development and Agricultural Extension (in regular, summer, distance and evening mode). The Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension was launched with the objective of addressing the country’s trained human power shortage in the field of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension. The program provides instruction on Rural Development and Agricultural Extension theories and a rigorous foundation in the analytical tools and applied areas of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension, relying on conceptual and statistical techniques. Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension is one of the second round launched departments of the College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science, Injibara University in 2021 academic year (2014 E.C.). The department was established having four academic staffs and 17 undergraduate students in one program (B.Sc degree in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension). The major focus area of the department is to facilitate rural centered, gender sensitive and ecologically sound agricultural and rural development endeavors by producing knowledgeable, skilled and competent graduates, and also conducting research and rendering community services. Currently, the department has one undergraduate (RDAE) programs. The department has 6 academic and 1 TA staff members to facilitate the teaching learning, research and community service activities. From 6 academic staff members, 2 are on their study leave attending PhD programs under multidisciplinary fields of studies. Since its establishment in Injibara University, the academic staff members of the department are also rendering different research and societal centered community services and disseminating new technologies. Currently the department has a total of 28 students from the two batches 3rd and 2nd year students in the regular program. Since the department is new we mainly offers teaching learning, developing research proposal and community services works. In the future the department plans to work vigorously together with different stakeholder like GOs, and NGOs and we plan to establish rural radio program to disseminate research outputs of the college to the rural communities. The department also plans to launch postgraduate program MSc in rural development in the near future after the PhD students of our department come back and our human resource shortage is fulfilled.

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Metadel Fekad Malede


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