Selamsew Tiruneh 

Full Name Selamsew Tiruneh Abebe
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  • MA Degree in Special Needs and Inclusive Education from Bahir Dar  University (2018 to 2019)
  • BA Degree in Pedagogical Science from Bahir Dar University (2004 to 2009)
Work  Experience
  • Lecturer At Injibara University (April 2021 To Present)
  • High School Teaching Experience at Mengsha Jenbre General Secondary School in Dangila, Awi Zone (September 2009 to 2020)
Research Interest
  • Inclusive education
  • Practice of special needs education

College of Education  and Behavioral science, Injibara University

Office: Registrar Building, Room 409

Tel: +251 920511620