Sintayehu belay Abjehu (PhD)

Full NameSintayehu Belay Abejehu
Academic RankAssistant Professor
Education BackgroundPhD in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Bahir Dar University (November 04, 2021)M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies from Bahir Dar University (June 29, 2012)B.Ed. in Banking and Insurance from Adama University (July 07, 2007)
Work ExperienceAssistant Professor, Department of EdPM, Injibara University, (July 11/2022 to Present)Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Dire Dawa University (March 17, 2022 to July 10/2022)Assistant Professor, Department of Pedagogy and Morality, Dire Dawa University (November 15/2021 to July 10/2022)Lecturer, Department of Pedagogy and Morality, Dire Dawa University (March 16, 2015 to November 14/2021)Coordinator, Enrollments, Academic Records and Alumni Affairs of College of Social Science and Humanities, Dire Dawa University (January 9, 2017 to October 8/2017)Coordinator, Teacher Development Team, Quality Enhancement and Academic Affairs Directorate, Dire Dawa University (February 22, 2016 to January 9, 2017)School Director, Zigem General  Secondary and Preparatory School (June 08/2013 to February 21/2014)Economics Teacher, Zigem Preparatory School (February 22/2013 to September 9/2014)Educational Quality Assurance Expert, Chagni City Administration (April 23/2013 to June 07/2013)Educational Planning and Fund Rising Expert, Chagni City Administration (November 13/2010 to April 22/2013)Educational Quality Assurance Expert, Chagni City Administration (February 08/2010 to November 12/2010)Head of Capacity Building Office, Chagni City Administration (February 17/2009 to February 07/2010)Deputy Head of Education Office,  Chagni City Administration, (June 18/2008 to February 16/2009)Deputy Head of Small and Medium Business Enterprises Office, Chagni City Administration (May 19/2008 to June 17/2008)Deputy Head of Capacity Building Office, Chagni City Administration (September 26/2007 to May 18/2008)
Research InterestsTeacher Education and DevelopmentProfessionalism and Professional Capital Curriculum Development, Implementation and EvaluationProblem-Based Teaching and LearningActive Learning Methods Teacher Leadership
PublicationsTadesse, M., & Sintayehu, B. (2022). School climate and professional capital: mediating role of professional identity. Education 3-13, 50(8)., M., & Sintayehu, B. (2022). Differentiating instruction in primary and middle schools: Does variation in students’ learning attributes matter?, Cogent Education, 9(1), 2105552. Sintayehu, B., Solomon, M., & Amera, S. (2022), Elevating teachers” professional capital: Effects of teachers” engagement in professional learning and job satisfaction,        SAGE Open, 12(2), 1-15. doi: 10.1177/21582440221094592 Tadesse M.  & Sintayehu B. (2022). Uplifting teachers” professional capital through      promoting engagement in professional learning: Mediating effect of teacher job satisfaction, Cogent Education, 9(1),  doi: 10.1080/2331186X.2022.2057102 Solomon, M., & Sintayehu, B. (2022).  Curriculum conceptualization, development, and implementation in the Ethiopian Education system: manifestations of progressive curriculum orientations. Journal of Education, 202 (1), 69-79. doi:10.1177/0022057420966760.Sintayehu, B., Solomon, M., & Amera, S. (2021). Advancing teachers” human capital through effective leadership and institutional safety: Mediating effect of professional learning and teaching climate, Cogent Education, 8(1). doi:10.1080/2331186X.2021.1912488 Sintayehu, B., Solomon, M., & Amera, S. (2021). Primary school climate measurement: examining factorial validity and reliability from teachers’ perspective, Cogent Education, 8(1). doi:10.1080/2331186X.2021.1929039. Sintayehu, B. (2020). Evaluation of English for Ethiopia grade nine textbook reading texts’ appropriateness: from teachers” and students” perspectives, Open Journal of Language and Linguistics, 3(12), 1-12. Sintayehu, B., & Ashenafi, T. (2020). Praxis of assessment for learning in Ethiopian higher education institutions: The case of Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia. American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, 5(65), 1-16.,Sintayehu, B. (2020). Nexus between theory and practice of continuous assessment in higher education: Dawa University in focus. Scientific Research and Reviews, 13(115), 1-14., M., Sintayehu, B., & Belaynesh, K. (2019). Reflections on curriculum conceptualization and its development in the current Ethiopian education system vis-à-vis some renowned classical curriculum orientations. International Journal of Education & Management Studies, 9(4), 249-255.  Sintayehu, B.  (2017). Analysis of the perceived professional importance of postgraduate diploma in teaching (PGDT) program from Dire Dawa University student teachers’ perspective. Education Journal, 6(1), 63-68. doi: 10.11648/ Sintayehu, B., & Ashenafi, T. (2017). The impending challenges of continuous assessment implementation at Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia. International Journal of African and Asian Studies, 35, 59-68.Teferi, M.,   Tesfaye, B., & Sintayehu, B. (2017). Demystifying the underpinning role of civics and ethical education on freshman students” engagement in democratic principles: The case of Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia. Research on Humanities and     Social Sciences, 7(18), 1-6. Banbul, S., & Sintayehu, B. (2017). University-industry collaboration in curriculum development: Analysis of Banking and Finance graduates” attributes from educators and industries perspective. Education Journal, 6(2), 87-93. doi: 10.11648/  Sintayehu, B. (2016). The practice of continuous assessment in primary schools: The case of Chagni, Ethiopia. Journal of Education and Practice, 7 (31), 24-30. Sintayehu, B. (2016). The challenges of postgraduate diploma in teaching (PGDT) program in Dire Dawa University: From the view-point of summer student teachers. International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, 4(9), 21-31.Sintayehu, B. (2016). The contribution of teachers” continuous professional development (CPD) program to quality of education and its teacher-related challenging factors at Chagni primary schools, Ethiopia. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies, 4(3), 218-225.
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