Sport Science

The Department of sport science is one of the popular and pioneer Department parallel with other departments in the College of Natural and Computational Science which is established in 2010 E.C. The department is in the way of offering a four year program leading to a B.Sc degree in sport science.

Now, in terms of staff combination, the Department has One PhD holder, 10 M.Sc holders, staffs under PhD study, 1 staff under M.Sc study and technical assistants. The Department has also facilities such as gymnasium with functional instruments. The Department is highly committed and engaged in conducting problem solving research and community service activities.

Program Objective:-The general objective of the department is to produce graduates who strive towards the optimum development of sport science by equipping them with different techniques & skills of sport activities, knowledge of scientific analysis of human movement & performance with respect to physical activities & train them to become professionals at different level of qualification who can take part in different sport aspects such as coaching, organizing, research, fitness instruction, etc in a Four years training program.

Specific objectives 

  • To Provide knowledge, attitudes and skills for students in the area of sports, exercise science, coaching and so on;
  • To ensure quality of education in the area of Sports Science;
  • To enable students coach fundamental skills of the youth in different sports;
  • To create future job opportunities for students. etc

The Department of sport science focuses on quality of life long activities, job opportunities, sport industries, and generally, to create healthy and productive man power.

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