Tadele Shiferaw

Full NameTadele Shiferaw Olika
Academic RankAssistant Professor
Education BackgroundM. Sc. in Physics from AAU(Astrophysics);(Sep 2007 to June 2009)B. Ed degree in Physics from BDU,(July 1999 to September 2003)
Working ExperienceTeacher of physics at high and preparatory schools(July 1997 to December 09 2004)Lecturer of physics at Gilgel Beles CTE,(December 10 2004 to April 2021)Assistant professor of physics at Gilgel Beles CTE (April 2021 to August 2021)Assistant Professor of physics at Injibara University (September 2021 up to now)Head of continuing and distance education at Gilgel Beles CTE(February 08 2005 to October 11 2007)Head of Registrar office at Gilgel Beles CTE(November 10 2009 to September 05 2015)Head of Science and Technology club at Gilgel Beles CTE (November 2016 to August 2019)Head of In-service training program(continuing and distance education) at Gilgel Beles CTE (October 07 2019 to September 05 2021)Higher Diploma Leader at Gilgel Beles CTE (November 2016 to August 2019)Higher Diploma Leader at Injibara University(December 2021 to June 2022)
Research InterestEducational researchAstrophysics Observation, Instrumentation, and ExperimentStructure and evolution of starsHigh-energy astrophysicsThe structure, formation and evolution of galaxies,Gravitational lensing,Physical and early universe cosmology.Space exploration
PublicationsGraduate Tracer Study of Gilgel Beles College of Teacher EducationBaseline Survey:on Children with Disabilities in VSO-Linked Primary Schools in Metekel Zone
AddressCollege of Natural and Computational Science,Department PhysicsInjibara UniversityMobile: +251-0913-00-54-96Email: tadeleshi2@gmail.com