Tessera Bitew Fenta (PhD,ASSo. Prof.)

Full NameTesera Bitew Fenta (PhD)
Academic RankAssociate Professor, Mental Health Epidemiology. He is specialist in complex intervention adaptation and development.
Education BackgroundPhD in Mental Health Epidemiology. He has Masters of Arts Degree in counselling psychology and he is currently working in Injibara University, Department of Psychology. He was a member of African Mental Health Research Initiative (AMARI), a program funded by UK. He is also a member of Marce International Maternal Mental Health Association and African Maternal Mental Health Alliance.
Working ExperienceTesera has adapted psychological interventions for women having common mental health problems. Tesera represented Ethiopia during the establishment of African Alliance of Maternal Mental Health in Malawi. He has won early career awards in France, Paris in 2019, Bangalore, India in 2018 and Dakar, Senegal in 2019. Tesera has ample experiences and trainings in qualitative research, longitudinal data analysis, systematic reviews, randomized clinical trials and implementation science and impact evaluation.
Research InterestHe is interested in adaptation and development of psychological interventions for vulnerable persons such as women, children and people with disabilities.
PublicationsTesera has contributed publications in internationally recognized journals. His publications include: qualitative studies, cohort studies, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews and cross sectional studies. He has delivered mentored more than five PhD students and more than 35 Masters Students.  His publications can be obtained using the ORCID link: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2270-9542.
AddressCollege of Educational and Behavioral Sciences, Injibara University Tel: +251 911173656 Email: tesera2016@gmail.com