Tessera Bitew Fenta (PhD, Assoc. Prof.)

Full Name Tesera Bitew Fenta (PhD)
Academic Rank
  • Associate Professor, Mental Health Epidemiology.
  • He is specialist in complex intervention adaptation and development.
Education Background
  • PhD in Mental Health Epidemiology.
  • He has Masters of Arts Degree in counselling psychology and he is currently working in Injibara University, Department of Psychology.
  • He was a member of African Mental Health Research Initiative (AMARI), a program funded by UK.
  • He is also a member of Marce International Maternal Mental Health Association and African Maternal Mental Health Alliance.
Working Experience
  • Tesera has adapted psychological interventions for women having common mental health problems.
  • Tesera represented Ethiopia during the establishment of African Alliance of Maternal Mental Health in Malawi.
  • He has won early career awards in France, Paris in 2019, Bangalore, India in 2018 and Dakar, Senegal in 2019.
  • Tesera has ample experiences and trainings in qualitative research, longitudinal data analysis, systematic reviews, randomized clinical trials and implementation science and impact evaluation.
Research Interest
  • He is interested in adaptation and development of psychological interventions for vulnerable persons such as women, children and people with disabilities.
  • Tesera has contributed publications in internationally recognized journals.
  • His publications include: qualitative studies, cohort studies, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews and cross sectional studies.
  • He has delivered mentored more than five PhD students and more than 35 Masters Students. 
  • His publications can be obtained using the ORCID link:https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2270-9542.

College of Educational and Behavioral Sciences, Injibara University

Tel: +251 911173656

Email: tesera2016@gmail.com