Human Bridge” handed over various medical equipment to Injibara General Hospital

Injibara University in collaboration with a humanitarian organization called “Human Bridge” handed over various medical equipment to Injibara General Hospital.

Injibara University in collaboration with “Human Bridge” a humanitarian organization in Sweden has handed over various medical equipment worth more than 15 million birr to Injibara General Hospital.

The President of Injibara University, Dr. Gardachew Worku, stated that the university has coordinated the support and imported it at full cost to organize Injibara General Hospital with necessary medical equipment, to strengthen the recently opened College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and to use it as a training center for students.

Dr. Gardachew mentioned that the university has already signed a contract with the humanitarian organization called Human Bridge, and since community health is one of the focus areas of Injibara University, it is in the process of importing medical equipment worth 60 million to produce qualified health professionals and provide quality health services to the local community.

He also explained that Injibara University is selecting a site to take over the construction site from Injibara city administration to build its own teaching and referral hospital.

The President of the University’s Research and Community Service, Dr. Kende Barhan, said during the handover that one of the missions given to the university is community service. He said that while carrying out various activities, the Injibara General Hospital will provide practical training for the students of the university.

The manager of Injibara General Hospital, Ato Dereje Hailu, expressed his satisfaction with the support given to him and said that it will reduce the unnecessary costs and abuse of patients caused by the lack of medical supplies in the hospital. He also explained that the necessary medical services should be provided to the community by using materials properly.

Dean of Medical and Health Sciences College and Orthopedic Surgery Specialist of Injibara General Hospital, Dr. Abraham Amare said that the support will solve most of the problems in view of the shortage of medical equipment in the hospital. He stated that many materials including medical clothes have been supported. During the handover, leaders, medical director and staff of Injibara University and Injibara General Hospital were present.

Finally, Dr. Gardachew Worku thanked the humanitarian organization “Human Bridge” and the director of the humanitarian organization in East Africa, Honorable Dr. Adamu Anley, on behalf of the university and the beneficiary community.