Injibara University has signed a sponsorship agreement with Injibara City Football Club

Sponsorship Agreement

The agreement is based on the overall support of the football club. During the agreement, President of the University and Chair of the football club’s board Gardachew Worku (PhD) mentioned that one of the objectives of the University is to solve problems of the society. The sport sector is a symbol of peace that brings the people of the world together and it is also an economic sector that contributes to growth of a country. Therefore, the Football Club can perform better and solve its challenges. The agreement is made with the responsibility to provide professional, technical and material support. The president stated that establishing a public base for a sport club helps the club to realize better results.

Aemiro Tadesse (PhD), Academic Affairs Vice President recalled that the university has opened department of Sport Science when it started its operation in 2018. The mission of the university is not only teaching but also providing professional support to the local community in different areas including Sport. He also assured that the university will continue to contribute its responsibility of community engagement in the field of Sport including supporting the club.

Vice President of Administration and Students Affairs Wohabe Birhan (Dr) has stated that football and other sports activities are important for the youth society and other stakeholders including the University should focus on finding a way to generate income for the club.

Injibara City Administration Youth and Sport Office manager and the Vice President of the club Mr. Gizachew Tilahun said that they started recruiting players who have promising performance. He showed their plan to have a better organizational capacity while he indicated some of the challenges the club has faced so far. He also said that the agreement will help the club to solve those problems, and to establish strong and competent club for the future. Participants of the agreement ceremony from both sides assured their unreserved effort to strengthen the club.