The role of scholars for nation building

Discussion took part at Injibara University with the theme “The role of scholars for nation building”

In the discussion, Mr. Kasahun Gofe, Minister of Commerce and Regional Relations, Dr. Henok Seyoum, Advisor to the Minister of State, Mr. Engda Dagnaw, General Administrator of Awi Ethnic Administration and Board Member of Injibara University as well as the University higher officials and council members have participated.

In his opening speech, Gardachew Worku (PhD), President of Injibara University, said that the discussion is prepared to create common consensus within the scholars and that will enable everyone to play his/her role in building the country. Even though our country Ethiopia has a great history and lives by declaring its freedom, it is not possible to say that its freedom is complete by defeating poverty. Therefore, they have pointed out that it is a platform for discussion on what is expected from the scholars and what should be done and play an intellectual role to understand the current situation of our country.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Regional Relations, Mr. Kassahun Gofe, has explained in his opening speech that the role of intellectuals based on ideological superiority in order to sustain the history of our country Ethiopia by facing the challenges faced both inside and outside, and removing hindrances of the country. They have officially started the discussion with scholars and different parts of the society to contribute for the betterment of Ethiopia.

December 24/2015 EC.
Injibara University.