Adamu Anagaw

Full NameAdamu Anagaw Wondifraw
Academic RankLecturer
Educational BackgroundDiploma from Debre Markos Teachers College (September 2006- June 2008)BA in English Language and Literature from Debre Markos University (July 2010 September-2014)MA in TEFL from Debre Markos University (October 2016-June 2019)
Work ExperienceTeacher at Guagusa Shikudad Woreda Education Office (July 2009-2015 November)Socio Economy Officer at Guagusa Administrative Office (Dec. 2015- June 2018)Journalist at Amhara Media Corporation (June 2018- Sep 2021)Lecturer at Injibara University (Sep 2021- to Present)
Research InterestAwigna LanguageAwi Culture
AddressCollege of Social Science and Humanities, Injibara UniversityOffice; Registrar building, Room 101Tell; +251918131268Email: