Asaye Mehari

Full Name Assaye Mehari Kidanemariam
Academic Rank     Lecturer
  Education Background
  • MSc in Water Resource Engineering & Management from Hawassa University (October 2011 to 2014 March)
  • MSc in Environmental Assessment & Management from Bologna University, Italy( September 2018 to July 2020)
  • MSc in Water & Coastal Management from University of Cadiz, Spain(September 2018 to July 2020)
  • BSc in Water Resources Management from Bahir Dar University (October 2007 to 2010 June)
Working Experience
  • Lecturer, Injibara University (December 2020 up to Present)
  • Head, Department of Natural Resource Management at Injibara University (December 2021 to up to Present)
  • Lecturer at Aksum University ( March 2014 to 2020)
Research Interest
  • Water management
  • Integrated watershed management
  • Climate change and environment
  • Coastal Management
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Energy and Environment
  • Giambastiani, B.M.S.; Kidanemariam, A.; Dagnew, A.; Antonellini, M. Evolution of Salinity and Water Table Level of the Phreatic Coastal Aquifer of the Emilia Romagna Region (Italy). Water 2021, 13, 372. [CrossRef]
Address College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science, Injibara University
Tel: +251922610015